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Celebrity Jeopardy!

Airdate:May 1, 2003

Paul McCrane played for Childrenís Hospital of LA and Childrenís Hospital of Philadelphia



Introductory Clip:From 9.18 ďFinders KeepersĒ -- Romano yelling at Carter, ďThis is MY ER now!And that stands for one thing:Everyoneís Replaceable.Even you.Ē


Announcerís Introduction:ďOn ĎERí heís Dr. Romano -- the skilled but volatile surgeon you love to hate -- hereís Paul McCrane!Ē

[wild applause]




The Jeopardy Round



[An aside -- in the ďTV WorkplacesĒ topic, no one knew the question that matched the answer, ďBartís dad, he works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Sector 7GĒ.Seriously, people.Did they really not know this, or were they ashamed to admit to watching The Simpsons?]



Topic:Government & Politics, $600

Answer:In 1994, Bill Clinton appointed Stephen Breyer to this body.

Paulís Question:What is the Supreme Court?

Paulís Bank:$600



Topic:Cookies, $200

Answer:Debbi is the first name of this woman whose name is on over 700 cookie franchises.

[Chris buzzes in first, but canít come up with the question!]

Paulís Question:Who is Mrs. Fields?

Paulís Bank:$800



Topic:TV Workplaces, $600

Answer:The title character on this NBC drama works for the Massachusetts State Coronerís Office.

Paulís Question:Who is Quincy?[incorrect]

[Laurenís Question was correct -- What is ďCrossing JordanĒ]

Paulís Bank:$200



Topic:Wish You Were Here, $400

Answer:The votive candles seen here are in this Gothic Church located on the Ile-de-la-Cite.

Paulís Question:What is France?What is Paris?[squinches face up]

Alex Trebek:We were going for the church.

Paul:Oh, um...oh...[buzzer]Thank you.

[Chrisís question was correct -- What is Notre Dame?]

Paulís Bank:- $200



[No one knew the capital of Sweden.Again, are you kidding me?I know, I know...I should cut them a break.Iíd probably be super-nervous too!]


[Commercials -- Paul turns to talk to Lauren.Hee!]


[Back from the commercial break, Alex Trebek is standing in front of Paulís podium]


AT:Welcome Back.Paul McCrane played a punk in one episode of Law & Order, many years ago, then went on to Dr. Romano on ER.How many years now, for Dr. Romano?

PM:Uh...Iím just finishing my sixth season on the show.

AT:All right.Itís a great character...

PM:Thank you.

AT:Is he a jerk, or is he misunderstood?

PM:Um, I think heís the most lovable character on the show, myself.[audience laughs]
PM:Clearly has a lot of heart, great sensitivity, great patient rapport[nods, rolls tongue over teeth]

AT:Well, this past season, there was one moment when Dr. Romano showed a little bit of vulnerability when he made a move on Alex Kingston [Elizabeth!], when she came back from having worked in England [Paul ďmmm-hmmmĒs] and she was back in the ER.Is that relationship going to develop at all?[Hee!Alex Trebek is a Cordano!]

PM:Well, uh, at least once or twice a season, he tries to make a move on her, [smiles] and I donít know, Iím thinking, actually...well, Iíll reveal it now, next year theyíre going to have, in succession, each one of the women on the show get involved with Dr. Romano.

[AT and audience burst into laughter]
AT:Wishful thinking!
PM:No, itís true.Itís gonna happen.
AT:All right, good.Now, your charities?

PM:Iím playing for Childrenís Hospital of Philadelphia and Childrenís Hospital of Los Angeles.
AT:Two of them that are going to benefit.All right, Paul, good.
PM:Thank you.


[Interviews the other contestants, back to the Jeopardy Round]



Topic:Thatís So Clichť, $400

Answer:I warned the ostrich farmer, ďDonít keep allĒ of these ďin one basketĒ

Paulís Question:What is an egg?

Paulís Bank:$200



Topic:Thatís So Clichť, $600

Answer:I told the Private Investigator that one of these ďis worth a thousand wordsĒ

Paulís Question:What is a picture?

Paulís Bank:$800


[Alex Trebek makes a funny a few questions later, and you can hear Paulís laugh.Heh.]


At the end of the Jeopardy Round...

Chris Matthews has $4,400

Lauren Graham has $6,800

Paul McCrane has $800




The Double Jeopardy Round



[ďER TalkĒ is one of the categories!]


AT:Paul, where do we start?

PM:Well, Iím going to have to go ahead and embarrass myself with ďER TalkĒ.



Topic:ER Talk, $400

Answer:If a patient has suffered cardiac arrest, this color ďcodeĒ should be called.

[Laurenís question was incorrect -- What is red?]

Paulís Question:What is blue?

Paulís Bank:$1,200



Topic:ER Talk, $800

Answer:This 4-letter term means ASAP!Immediately!

Paulís Question:What is ďstatĒ?

Paulís Bank:$2,000



Topic:ER Talk, $1,200

Answer:Give the patient 250 c.c.s of normal saline, c.c. standing for this.

Paulís Question:What is milliliters? [Paulís question was incorrect -- he looks shocked, because heís right, in a way.It just wasnít the answer they were looking for.]

[Chrisís answer is correct -- What is cubic centimeters?]

Paulís Bank:$800



Topic:Holidays and Observances, $1,600

Answer:The folk song ďSivivon, sov, sov, sovĒ or ďDreidel, spin, spin, spinĒ is traditionally sung during this Jewish holiday.

Paulís Question:What is Haunkkah?

Paulís Bank:$2,400



Topic:Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral, $800


Paulís Question:What is vegetable?

Paulís Bank:$3,200



Topic:Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral, $2,000


Paulís Question:What is vegetable?

Paulís Bank:$5,200



Topic:You Should Be in Opera, $800

Answer:Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and this Italian called [blank]; theyíre doing a ďFour TenorsĒ Tour, and youíre number four!!!!

[Laurenís question was incorrect -- Who know, the other Italian guy?Hee!]

Paulís Question:Who is Luciano Pavarotti?[He pronounced Pavarottiís name with a real Italian accent, even rolling the ďRĒ.Cool.]

Paulís Bank:$6,000



Topic:Gilmore Girls and Boys, $1,600

Answer:The 1980 Pulitzer Prize for diction went to Norman Mailer for a book on this convicted murderer

Paulís Question:Who is Gary Gilmore?

Paulís Bank:$7,600



[The $2000 opera answer is an audio clip, and the correct question is, ďWhat is the Anvil chorus.Anvil.ĒAnd I couldnít not laugh, because Iím still giggly over the thought of Romano dating every woman on the show next season.Now, where did I put my ďER Special Guest StarĒ application?]



Topic:ER Talk, $1,600

Answer:Youíll need follow-up rehab with a P.T., this professional.

Paulís Question:What is a physical therapist?

Paulís Bank:$9,200



Topic:ER Talk, $2,000

Answer:Know your ABCs:Check this (the ďAĒ), breathing, and circulation

Paulís Question:What is an airway?

Paulís Bank:$11,200



At the end of the Double Jeopardy Round...

Chris Matthews has $16,200

Lauren Graham has $13,000

Paul McCrane has $11,200




The Final Jeopardy Round


Topic:Government Agencies

Answer:In 2000, Emma Peelís leather pants and Maxwell Smartís shoe phone were on display at this agency thatís not open to the public.

Paulís Question:What is the private eye?[incorrect -- his wager was $11,100, bringing down his total to $100]

[Chris and Lauren answer correctly -- What is the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)?]



Final Charity Donations:

Chris Matthews:$50,000

Lauren Graham:$26,000

Paul McCrane:$20,000



Rolling Credits...Paul and Lauren are talking again...she laughs at something while he gestures emphatically with his left hand.Yep, the one that doesnít work on ER anymore.Oh, and heís at least 4-6 inches shorter than she is.Not that thereís anything wrong with that.;)




~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~



Portions of this program were transcribed by Lauren, owner and webmaster of The Cordano Love Lounge, but she really didnít have any rights to do so.Jeopardy owns all the rights to this program, and Iím just borrowing them to share with Paul McCrane fans who did not have the opportunity to view the program.Please donít sue me!